Graveside Services
You can count on Doric as a manufacturer and supplier of quality lined concrete burial vaults, cremation urns, urn vaults, and superior cemetery service. Products are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, so families will be sure to find a style suited to their particular taste and needs. As part of our installation process, Doric Texas ensures that the vault is sealed properly to resist extreme fluctuations in temperature over time. All Doric burial vaults use a butyl compound in their seal groove that merges the base and cover to form a single sealed unit. This butyl compound is highly resistant to environmental changes. Family members can be present for the sealing and lowering of the vault offering closure and more, importantly, peace of mind.

Personalization Services
It’s Doric’s mission to assist customers in remembering their loved ones. Doric vaults and cremation products allow for a wide variety of personalization options, from overlays and emblems that can be mounted on the exterior of the vault, to a wide selection of vault colors, to bronze, copper, or stainless steel nameplates, to custom carapaces for our Patrician® line.

Fallen Heroes Program for Military Service Members