What is a thermoformed inner liner?

Doric Fiberlon® plastic is formed with strengthening ribs for use as a lining in some Doric vaults. It is a super high impact enhanced plastic that evidences great impact and compressive strength. Consumers find applications of plastics such as Fiberlon® in NFL football helmets, telephone set casings and snowmobile or waverunner components. The bronze, copper and stainless steel inner liners of the Doric Bronze®, Lydian®, and Athenian® are chemically bonded to ABS Fiberlon® for additional strength.

What is Lustra-Tech®?

Lustra-Tech® used on the Doric Patrician® is a high-gloss, high impact plastic formulated to enhance impact and tensile strength. Lustra-Tech® gives the Patrician® a classic look of marble. Plastics similar to Lustra-Tech® are used in luggage and construction.

What is Durapreme®?

Durapreme® is used to form the linings of the Doric Tiara® and Titan®. It is a tough high impact plastic. When formed into a lining with strengthening ribs on all sides, it exhibits tough flexural strength. Plastics like Durapreme® are found in consumer items such as tableware, appliance linings and cassette housings.

What is a Poly-Ribbed Liner?

Doric thermoformed liners used on the Patrician®, Phoenix®, Tiara® and Titan® have strengthening ribs in their design, increasing both impact and compressive strength.

What is Integra-Bond®?

All Doric burial vaults use a special bonding system. This adhesive bonds the plastic inner liner to the concrete wall and cover.

What is Integra-Seal®?

All Doric burial vaults use a butyl compound in their seal groove that merges the base and cover to form a single sealed unit. This butyl compound is highly resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperatures.

What are the approximate weights of each Doric vault?

Olympian Bronze® approx. 2860 lbs.
Olympian Stainless Steel® approx. 2800 lbs.
Doric Bronze® approx. 2700 lbs.
Lydian® approx. 2700 lbs.
Athenian® approx. 2700 lbs.
Patrician® approx. 2700 lbs
Phoenix® approx. 2500 lbs.
Tiara® approx. 2500 lbs.
Titan® approx. 2300 lbs.