Celebrating the Memories

You can count on Doric as a manufacturer and supplier of quality lined concrete burial vaults, cremation urns, urn vaults, and superior cemetery service. Products are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, so families will be sure to find a style suited to their particular taste and needs.
Although Doric is best known as a leader in traditional concrete burial vaults, the Classic Metal Vaults division features one of the largest selections of air-seal metal vaults available anywhere. Well known for its modest price in relation to its strength, and durability; the Doric brand burial vault offers uncompromised security with tremendous value.

The people of Doric Products are dedicated to providing outer burial enclosures that will honor a loved one’s memory while giving family members comfort and peace of mind.


helps withstand the weight of heavy machinery.


merges the cover tightly to the base with a proprietary butyl compound in the seal groove to form a single sealed unit.


reinforces the strength of the vault and protects the contents from the environment.

The Doric Difference

The backhoe, the preferred choice to open a grave, weighs in excess of ten tons. This weight, the daily grind of cemetery equipment and the constant forces of soil pressure reinforces the need for protection. To combat these forces, Doric manufactures one of the strongest lined concrete burial vaults in the industry today. Doric vaults are lined with our exclusive poly-ribbed liners which contain the contents inside the vault, thus protecting our environment. The cover, where the forces are the greatest, is steel reinforced for added protection to an already premium vault.

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Lined Concrete Vaults

Each model offers a different level of strength and protection, many with opportunities for personalization. Steel reinforced Doric Concrete Vaults withstand the environmental pressures of interment while giving families peace of mind and an opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one.

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Classic Metal Vaults

Classic Metal Vaults work on the air seal diving bell principle, using air pressure to reduce the risk of groundwater intrusion. The construction material and finish of a metal vault determines its structural strength and lifespan. Doric’s Classic Metal Vaults provide strength and security.

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Cremation Urn Vaults

Urn vaults provide the protection for those that have chosen cremation as well as allowing for continuing family legacies at the cemetery.

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